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When the knife is sharpened into a Convex shape, the edge will be stronger and last longer since it contains more steel. Another result of the convex shape is that the knife will work more flexibly against the cutting base, for example hide or bone, reducing the risk of the knife being worn out too quickly.

When you sharpen and polish with the SHARPX Quattro sharpener, equipped with two sharpening stations - step 1, one honing station - step 2, and one polishing station - step 3, the result is an ultimately convex centered edge that is sharpened to a correct angle.

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SHARPX develops and manufactures equipment used in meat and fish industries as well as other areas of food industries, shops, restaurants and for consumer needs.
In recent years, intensive development has taken place for the development and manufacture of new knife sharpening system with patented SHARPX technology.


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