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Karin Eklund
Managing Director
Mob +46 705 78 03 00 


Tore Eklund
Technical Manager
Mob +46 706 05 85 63 



P.O Box 287
SE-591 23 Motala, Sweden

Phone / Fax: +46 141 579 29


If you prefer, you can also reach us by filling out  the contact form and send it to us. We will then  contact you and answer your questions as soon  as we can.

About the company

SHARPX develops and manufactures equipment used in meat and fish industries as well as other areas of food industries, shops, restaurants and for consumer needs.
In recent years, intensive development has taken place for the development and manufacture of new knife sharpening system with patented SharpX technology.


SharpX AB • P.O Box 287 • SE-591 23 MOTALA • Sweden

Phone: +46 141 579 29 • Email

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